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Portfolio of Products
Armourcoat is the world's foremost supplier of polished plasters, sculptural effects and innovative surface finishes. Armourcoat polished hard plasters provide sumptuous, enduring finishes, which can be enhanced by a host of textures and colours.
Armourcoat Sculptural™ is a range of seamless sculptural wall surface designs. Sculptural™ walls are constructed from a series of pre-cast panels that are bonded to the substrate. The panel joints are then filled and sanded and a final decoration is applied to the surface. Sculptural™ designs are created by combining computer-aided design with traditional hand sculpting to create designs that fit together with total accuracy yet retain the essence of being hand crafted.
ClearErase is protective clear coat that can be seamlessly applied to interior spaces as easily as traditional paint. Turn any existing wall, in any color, into a durable and cleanable surface resistant to scribbles, common marks and daily wear. Waterbased and low VOC – ClearErase is an environmentally smart solution perfect for any commercial interior in need of protection. Our easy-to-follow instructions makes application a snap. Simply mix, stir and roll like traditional paint.
Create a beautiful accent or feature space using rich colors, subtle tones and reflective components. Not only is the available color selection constantly expanding, custom development allows for any color to be matched in any finish.Use visual texture to provide superior coverage, hide and reparability. Ideal finishes for less than ideal surfaces. Concrete block, sheetrock, tiled walls - all benefit from the Zolatone Function finishes.
TorZo is a unique and stunning line of interior surfacing materials. Through its unique infusion process, TorZo melds the science of polymer chemistry with the sustainability of recycled wood and agricultural by-products to create six durable and elegant architectural surface materials.
The largest "green" coatings manufacturer in the world, Textured Coatings of America, Inc. offers a complete line of decorative and protective high-build architectural coatings for commercial, industrial, transportation and residential applications.
Provides specialty performance vertical surfacing products through a professional organization to the construction industry and is recognized as experts in the field. The products range from the relatively inexpensive to the very elegant upscale finishes. All products have been tested for abrasion, mold and mildew, and flame resistance, as well as colorfastness
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